About Us

Our Mission & Vision

1. Provide a link between the University, its Alumni, and the general public.
2. To initiate and execute programmes and or activities aimed at accelerating the overall growth and development of the University.
3. To promote mutual understanding, co-operation and fraternal understanding among the graduates of the University.
4. To offer advice to the University authorities, State and Federal Government on such spheres of academic activities demanding specialist advice on the improvement of academic matters pertaining to the welfare of the University community in general.

5. To forge a useful link between persons, associations, societies or institutions established in Nigeria or elsewhere having similar objectives.
6. To deal in any real or personal property and acquire rights and privileges in any part of Nigeria or abroad which the association may consider necessary or convenient for the promotion of the objectives of the
Association and the University.
7. To create a forum for honouring members who have distinguished themselves in their fields of endeavour and for their contributions to the growth of the University and the Association.

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